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Practical Guide - Lymeherbs


Application of Herbal Therapies For Lyme Disease and Coinfections

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The Practical Guide contains a lot of practical knowledge about natural therapies used in Lyme disease. It will enable you to effectively plan therapy and facilitate progress monitoring.

Author: Lymeherbs

Number of pages: 54 pages

Size: 2,60 MG

Format: PDF


CHAPTER I - Lyme disease and co-infections - how to plan therapies

How to use the Planner?

Information on infections detected and symptoms observed

Borrelia - herbs and supplements


Babesia - herbs and supplements

Bartonella– herbs and supplements

Chlamydia– herbs and supplements

Erlichia / Anaplasma - herbs and supplements

Mycoplasma - herbs and supplements

Rickettsia (Rickettsia) - herbs and supplements

Yersinia - herbs and supplements

CHAPTER II - Additional recommendations

How to take care of the intestines?

Detoxification and chelation

More exercise, more sleep and less stress

When will I start to feel better?

Can borrelia be completely eliminated from the body?

CHAPTER III - What else should you remember?

Herx reaction



CHAPTER IV - Selection of herbal forms

Alcohol tinctures

Non-alcoholic tinctures - glycerates

Encapsulated herbs

Ground herbs

Cut herbs

CHAPTER V - Natural therapy protocols for the treatment of Lyme disease and co-infections

Buhner protocol

Cowden protocol.

Researched Nutritionals® protocol

Where can the herbs and supplements discussed in the guide be ordered?



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